Almost half of all energy received as a result катаболизма, is lost in the form of heat in the course of formation of molecules АТФ. Muscular reduction - process even less effective. About 80 % of the energy used at muscular reduction, it is lost in the form of heat and only 20 % turns to mechanical work (muscle reduction). If the person does not make work practically all energy generated by it is lost in the form of heat (for example, at the person lying in bed). Hence, the size теплопродукции is exact expression of size of an exchange in a human body. zyban bupropion On рецепторных cages originate and come to an end афферентные and эфферентные nervous fibres. The first нейрон проводникового department are the bipolar cages located in vestibular ганглии. Peripheral shoots of these cages contact with рецепторными cages, and central as a part of a vestibular nerve (VIII steam of craniocereberal nerves) go to vestibular kernels of an oblong brain (the second нейрон). From here impulses arrive to таламическим to kernels (the third нейрон), to a cerebellum, kernels глазодвигательных muscles, to vestibular kernels of the opposite side, to мотонейронам cervical department of a spinal cord, through вестибулоспинальный a path - to мотонейронам muscles-razgibatelej, to ретикулярной formations, гипоталамусу. At the expense of the communications set forth above automatic control равновесиятела (without consciousness participation) is carried out. For the conscious analysis of position of a body in space answer таламокортикальные to projection which come to an end in a back postcentral crinkle of a bark of the big hemispheres of the central department of the vestibular analyzer. Through vestibulo-mozzhechkovo-talamichesky the path in a motor bark кпереди from the central crinkle arrives the information on maintenance of the tonic reactions connected with an estimation of a pose of a body. By means of emotions the personal relation of the person to world around and to is defined. Emotional conditions are realised in certain behavioural reactions. Emotions arise at an evaluation stage of probability of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the arisen requirements, and also at satisfaction of these requirements. Biological value of emotions consists in performance by them alarm and регуляторной functions. Alarm function of emotions consists that they signal about utility or harm of the given influence, success or неуспешности carried out action. The adaptive role of this mechanism consists in immediate reaction to sudden influence of external irritation as the emotional condition instantly leads to fast mobilisation of all systems of an organism. Occurrence of emotional experiences gives the general qualitative characteristic to the influencing factor, advancing its fuller, detailed perception.
online nolvadex, intestinal Others диуретики oppress enzyme карбоангидразу (диакарб). As a result of it there is a reduction of formation of coal acid and decrease реабсорбции sodium and bicarbonate ions эпителием проксимальных канальцев. Oppressing карбоангидразу a ciliary body, these substances reduce secretion of a watery moisture of an eye that gives the chance to apply them to decrease in intraocular pressure at a glaucoma. aldactone The unit of measure of energy usually applied in biology and medicine, - a calorie (кал). It is defined as the quantity of energy necessary for rise in temperature 1 г of water on ГС. In the International system of units (SI) at measurement of power sizes is used joule (1 kcal = 4,19 кДж).
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